Feldenkrais with Ed Bartram

Who is it for?

Ed works mainly with three groups of people:

People aged around 40 to 60, who have suddenly realised they can’t do important things they’ve taken for granted.  Time has caught up with them, and they need to change.  It may be that they can’t run any more, they can’t sit comfortably for long periods, or they suffer from chronic musculo-skeletal pain which doctors have not been able to help them with.

Older people, say in their 70’s onwards, who want to age gracefully and retain agility and confidence as they grow older.  They may need help with their balance, or getting up from a chair comfortably, or perhaps finding ways to sit on the ground with ease so they can play with their grandchildren.

Adults of any age who have experienced trauma, who may not have any specific physical symptoms.  They may want to ground themselves better, and occupy the here and now more often; to find a way out of habitual action patterns; or find a way to release tension which they hold habitually as a result of past experiences. 

How does Feldenkrais work?

Feldenkrais is a way to improve your ability to do what you want to do in everyday life, in a pain-free and pleasurable way.  It enables you to become aware of, and reject unhelpful habits.   Through gentle movements Feldenkrais ‘re-wires’ the nervous system to facilitate profound change in how we are, and hold ourselves.  

By developing awareness of ourselves, and uncovering what Moshe Feldenrkais called the ‘Elusive Obvious’  (habits which we have become so used to we no longer notice) we can change deeply ingrained approaches to everyday life.  Neuroscience, and the idea of neuro-plasticity (our ability to shape our own brain, and nervous system), now gives a coherent explanation of why something apparently so simple is so powerful.

Feldenkrais takes place at the pace of each student, in group and individual sessions.  It does not judge participants for being right or wrong; noticing what is happening is the key focus.

Who is Ed Bartram?

Ed practices in Frome, Somerset, and in neighbouring areas, including Bath, Bradford on Avon and across East Somerset and West Wiltshire.  He gives individual sessions, when he moves clients with his hands, as well as group classes where he gives participants verbal instructions.

With a varied professional background in NHS management, as well as education and the arts, he prides himself on the breadth of experience he brings to his work, combined with a deeply reflective and positive outlook.

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Photo: © International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden