Ed Bartram


In my individual work, I mainly work with clients – often aged from their mid-40’s to 60’s – who have realised they’re no longer able to do everyday activities – such as walking, sitting, carrying kids, gardening, taking exercise, etc… in a way they’d previously taken for granted.  Often, these issues are making work difficult or significantly impeding them at home.   In many cases, the years have suddenly caught up with them, and they want to restore lost strength and flexibility.

However, I do work with others too – from ages 80+ to children aged 5, from those who have suffered strokes to athletes.   The variety of Feldenkrais work is one of its great joys for me.  My group classes, in particular, attract a wide range of ages, backgrounds and interests.

As well as teaching in Somerset, I’m an Associate of Feldenkrais London, and sit on the committee of the Feldenkrais Guild (UK).


Following a short foray into political journalism in Ecuador after university, I moved into the challenging – if fascinating – world of NHS management. Too challenging, in fact! My anxieties and stress often manifested themselves in a physical way – I began to suffer from chronic head and backaches. I needed to change.

I began an MA Applied Theatre at Central School of Speech and Drama, and then worked for a few years making theatre for my own company and using drama to help teach subjects like maths, history and English. During this time I attended a Complicite workshop (ran by Annabel Arden) which used some Feldenkrais, and I was hooked!

I then enrolled on the Feldenkrais training in London led by Elizabeth Beringer and Scott Clark, an exhilarating and life-changing experience.   I feel very grateful that my journey has led me here, and am very pleased to be working as an Associate with Feldenkrais London.  I particularly enjoy being able to combine teaching in groups with individual work, and the opportunity to bring – what is often – a very different approach to the issues and challenges facing my clients.

Apart from family life which, takes up much of my time outside work, I also love running, cricket and other sports.

Get in touch, if you’d like further information on my classes, lessons and workshops.  Contact: 07969 748974, or ed@feldenkraissomerset.com