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24th June 2020

Do you let your limbs do too much of the work?

How far from ‘you’ are your hands?

Our hands and feet can be quite distant from our centre, and it’s possible to think of them as separate to ourselves.  We might think of ‘my hand’ or ‘my toes’, say, rather than ‘me’: a subtle but significant difference.

We can run into difficulties if we allow our limbs to be used without harnessing the power of much of the skeleton.  Try this month’s lesson, and notice how a small movement of the hands can change the whole torso.  

So, I’m running a couple of Zoom workshops next month on pain-free arms, wrists and hands (11th July) and for gardening without pain (24th July) – to find greater ease and more strength through using the whole self.

And please do say if you have any suggestions for workshops you’d like to do in the future.

It’s important to look after yourself while doing Feldenkrais lessons – please listen to this short audio to find out how.

20th April 2020

Finding Home

How are you at the moment, between your four walls?

How life has changed these last four weeks!  Lockdown has altered my relationship with home.  It’s been quite a rollercoaster for me, but all in all I seem to have found a way to belong between these four walls.  Necessity being the mother of invention etc.

Try this month’s lesson.  In rounding along the spine do you have a more restful, comforting sense of yourself? In opening up again, extending the spine, do you sense a greater readiness to face the world? And speaking metaphorically,  where along the continuum of rounding and then straightening feels more like home at the moment?

And of course I wish you and your loved ones all the very best at this time.

11th March 2020

Releasing (and harnessing) stress

Looking chilled now, but adrenaline will be needed again soon enough

Everybody knows stress is bad for you – almost a leitmotiv of our times. But it is necessary, in a physiological sense, and can be beneficial.    In the short term, adrenaline improves memory, cognition and mobilises energy. It’s the shifting between an aroused and more resting state which is the tricky bit.  

Try this month’s lesson – how does flexing and extending relate to these two different states?

Feldenkrais often makes people more relaxed, but this is only the start – the place where your organism is safe enough to make longer term changes.  The end game is actualizing intentions, by bringing a greater awareness to what we do.

13th January 2020

Is sitting driving you crazy?

The floor has much to tell us about sitting comfortably

We sit a lot – and sometimes it’s not comfortable.   It can feel like there’s nothing we can do about it  (stuck at the wheel of a car, say, or fixed to a screen, desperate to get work finished.)

Feldenkrais is all about finding options in movement (and also in a wider sense in life), and not being stuck. 

Try this month’s lesson. You don’t have to unbend the leg any more than is completely comfortable (imagine the movement if you prefer not to straighten at all.) What does it tell you about how your hip joints – together with your legs, spine, ribs and head – can make your sitting more comfy?

28th November 2019

How to avoid a pain in the neck

the neck is part of the whole skeleton, not just a discrete unit

Our skeleton is designed to keep the head free, the hunter-gatherer in us able to locate opportunities and dangers. Yet it’s easy to overwork the small muscles of the neck, and find it stiff.

While the neck is a discrete area, it’s very much part of a larger whole.  The spine is designed to work best in concert throughout its length. It then needs to co-ordinate with the limbs and head to optimise movement.

In our eagerness to compartmentalize ourselves, the neck gets isolated and we ask it to do more heavy-lifting (in the literal and metaphorical sense) than it should.  Try this month’s lesson to see how the length of the skeleton can do wonders for the neck.

My new classes start next week in Frome, Somerset: 

Mondays, 6pm, The Barn, BA11 1JF Thursdays, 9.15am, Room Frome, BA11 1AL
The theme of the first few weeks is ‘Freeing the Neck’.

25th October 2019

Open the chest……

…..are there any treasures inside?

Many of us do it: rounding the upper spine and shoulders, closing the chest a little too much and too often.   Laptops, smartphones and modern life have much to answer for.  

A more open chest can feel very different – a sense of greater power, ease of breathing, better support and turning of the head, and a more resonant voice.

See what difference this month’s lesson can make.

The power of gentle movements is remarkable – that is the Feldenkrais way.   It doesn’t have to be forceful, you don’t have to stand like a sergeant major, or take it any further than is completely comfortable.  

Release the jaw…and release tension across your whole self

Why might you want to lie down, and move your jaw around a bit? Try this lesson to find out.

Now that’s impressive flexibility in the jaw….

It makes up a significant proportion of our head bone, and enables (among other things) the nifty circular motion of chewing.

Different parts of the body relate through the nervous system.  The jaw (or say, hands or face) can be places we particularly hold tension.  Such areas are key in infant movements, and are therefore wired deeply into and heavily influence our nervous system.  By releasing one of these areas you can release tension throughout your musculature.

9th June 2019